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You rely on your workers to get the job done. And they count on you to keep them safe. IndustriSafe understands your commitment to safety. That’s why we have partnered with Honeywell to bring to your table a wide range of advanced gas detection systems and devices that provide exceptional protection at every level. 


Just as important, our products come with industry-best training and support—it’s all part of the IndustriSafe pledge to be your true partner in safety and Performance.

To ensure you avoid a catastrophic situation, below are some of the offerings from our partnership;


  1. Fire and Gas Consultancy Service: There is the inevitable tendency for gases to escape during applications and processes for industries that utilize or manufacture dangerous flammable, toxic and asphyxiating gases. This incident may result in environmental pollution, explosion and/loss of life. Our Industrial Fire & Gas system from Honeywell play a critical role in protecting people, processes and the environment, by providing world-class fire and gas services that continuously monitors toxic or combustible gas levels within the industry and provide early warning of any abnormal situation, thereby helping our customers mitigate industrial incidents, with the guaranteed satisfaction of keeping people and your plant safe


  •  Training and Support:  as part of our mission to our clients to provide support to organizations and workers, IndustriSafe is committed to improving the competence and confidence by providing the highest and best quality application and technical training on all our industry leading Gas Detection products. We ensure a proper understanding of our products and services from operational guide to maintenance process. This ensures you meet your obligation of providing a safe working environment. Our team of professional instructors use a variety of unique and interactive training techniques to keep delegates engages and involved while they learn

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