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To announce that IndustriSafe has stepped into her 5th year of business is a moment of pride for me.


We have had to leverage on organic growth, survived a maiden year of recession as well as the pandemic of 2020. All this achieved in tandem with a group of young hopefuls, pushing our boundaries, through grit and raw determination. 


We have been able to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack through our mode of operation, imbibing a fresh style of doing business in Nigeria and being all-inclusive with the changing times and exceeding expected outcomes.


Celebrating IndustriSafe at five is a huge milestone, and we have so many people to thank. From our outstanding staff past and present; we could not do all we do without you. It has been an honour to work with every one of you.


And to our client, we thank you for taking a chance on us from the beginning, the raw passion for safety that runs through our veins means we will continue to go above and beyond to ensure you meet your organizational goals.


To our OEMs who can better be described as partners for trusting our ability to deliver on expectations and of course, our families for supporting us with love.


As the future unfolds and we evolve with it, we plan to build on the foundation we have in place and to leverage on the perfectly placed availability of the Local Content Enactment set by the Nigerian Content and Development Management Board. 


We hope to continue receiving our stakeholders' support and expect to create a more significant impact in the future.

Thank you to every one who has been on this journey with us this far. 

Happy 5th anniversary IndustriSafe!


Adaeze Oparah

Managing Director

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