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How to reduce fall accidents for site workers

Experts in the construction industry have since revealed that "fall from heights" ranks first in cause of death for its workers. The other major causes of death for construction workers on the job are; struck by object, electrocution and caught-in/between. These accidents popularly known as the “Fatal Four” accounts for nearly sixty percent of construction workers’ deaths.

Workers who spend a great deal of time working at height depend on their fall protection PPE harnesses. They want their gear to be comfortable and lightweight, not hot and heavy. Some harnesses can claim they are lighter weight, but that doesn’t always equate to comfort, especially for workers of varying shapes and sizes.

The features below will reduce fall accidents and make it easier for workers to be compliant by encouraging them to wear their gear properly and keep themselves and the jobsite safe.

  1. Ergonomic safety

  2. Lightweight and Flexible

  3. Integration with other PPE

Ergonomic Safety

Comfort is key to performance and that is where ergonomics comes in. Ergonomics has been defined as the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment, but in the world of health and safety, it tends to define fitting a job or task around the employees’ comfort.

So, it’s no surprise that fall harness manufacturers are ensuring their solutions include evidence-based and ergonomically designed padding that allows for breathability, comfort and freedom of movement. Fall harnesses that have padding in the shoulders and back can help to relieve muscle fatigue that leads to overexertion. Some harnesses like the Miller H500 Harness construction comfort from Honeywell Miller range have been manufactured and hold patents for their specially formulated webbing flexes to accommodate movement, and body contours for optimum comfort around legs/shoulders. Each of these features contribute to a better ergonomic fit, which helps reduce the risks of Work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Check out some of the fall safety solutions we offer

Lightweight and Flexible

Fall harnesses are typically paired with reels and other tools, so the weight distribution is important. In addition, fall harnesses with an H-Design leg typically offer workers more comfort and flexibility, making it easier for them to wear the harness properly for extended periods of time. The Honeywell new Miller H500 Harness construction comfort is lighter than ever and is designed to provide workers with greater freedom of movement and more breathability.

Integration with other PPE

It is important that workers have a fall harness that integrates with other PPE since they will be wearing all of their required PPE while working on the jobsite. Fall harnesses that are easy to fit and have hassle-free donning are key. Workers need to be able to quickly get the harness on and off as well as quickly attach any personal self-retracting lanyards.


In the world of worker safety, we have to remember that comfort must be defined, and that it is important to provide the worker with freedom of movement without pain or constraint. In many operations we are seeing the demand for comfort continue to rise as workers and employers seek innovative solutions that reduce muscle fatigue and help alleviate the fatigue induced by workers’ repetitive movements.

At Industrisafe, we’re very invested in workers’ safety, and to this effect we have partnered with Honeywell, a world leader in the area of fall protection solutions, and with their Miller product range we aim to provide top quality safety gears for workers in the oil & gas and construction sectors.


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