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The Honeywell Authorized Service Center, Operated by IndustriSafe

IndustriSafe is committed to delivering value-added services to its clients.

We have within our portfolio, internationally trained and certified experts in SCBA, portable and fixed gas detection systems with a special focus on calibration, repairs, and maintenance, stock of sensors and spare parts. We have the requisite authorization by Honeywell Fire and Gas detection systems to operate the Honeywell IndustriSafe Service Center (HISC).

The need to detect and avert the release of harmful gases during Industrial operations is a key part of maintaining safety while at work on sites. The periodic recalibration, maintenance, replacement of spares and repair of the specialized fixed and portable gas detection equipment are vital part of ensuring optimally use of these devices.

At HISC, we offer the highest quality of customer support and deliver an excellent end to end turnaround time.

Honeywell and Gas Detection

Honeywell is a pioneering force within the life safety industry, innovating benchmark products that set the standard for workplace safety, they deliver advanced solutions that help to reduce the ongoing cost of workplace safety and offer solutions that include World-class services and support for fire and gas detection with an array of products that cover detection of numerous hazardous gases and vapours within the Industrial workspace.

Honeywell works directly with industries and clients to evolve solutions designed to meet requirements.

Here is what's special about HISC

When Fire and Gas detection devices need maintenance or repair work, it is important that they are fixed within the stipulations of their warranty by the equipment manufacturer or approved service provider.

Working with the approved service providers ensures quick turnarounds and minimises device downtime while retaining the device warranty.

At our HISC, we have a detailed understanding of all fire and gas detection applications, this is because our team of experts have been internationally trained by Honeywell.

So for all your fire and gas detection device needs, HISC is able to help you quickly and efficiently, maximising your process uptime. The support we offer is also highly flexible and clients can pick and choose options to create a bespoke package that meets their business needs.

How We Work:

Our team will help identify exactly what you need and then engineer a solution that meets those specifications.

We understand the importance of good onward care, and with this in mind, we offer a rich resource of engineering and workshop support.

We also support third party gas detection equipment.

At HISC, we guarantee much more than equipment maintenance and field support, we offer single-source solutions to technical service and ongoing device support.

We are just a dial away and your technical issues can be solved by our industry experts.

Our authenticity is verifiable.

If you would like further information on Honeywell IndustrisSafe Service Center and ongoing support options, please contact us on +234 905 388 8399 or email

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